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1-Day Otavalo Market + Cochaski Karanki Ruins

Cochasqui in ancestral language means; cocha (water or lake) + qui (half or divide). It is the largest pre-columbian site in South America. This city has 15 stair-stepped pyramids, 21 funerary mounds. Preserves a series of historical, archaeological, anthropological, ethnographic and architectural studies, which represent evidence to highlight the value of the Kitu-Kara culture.

Departure: everyday
Pick-up time: 7:30 a.m.
Style: Small-group tour
Duration: 8 hours
Type of tour: Cultural
Hiking level: Moderate

 What is included?
Certified Guide/Driver (English-speaking)
Comfortable transportation
Activities according to the itinerary 

What is not included?
Travel insurance
Entrance fees

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