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Galapagos Last Minute – Terms & Conditions

Galapagos My World as tour operator agrees that:

All services offered must be reviewed (availability) by the client before proceeding to its confirmation. Each tour will have a section where it will clearly explain what it includes and it does not include, in addition the type / category of the tour will be mentioned on the itinerary.

We will confirm the services on a prudential time according to the availability at the moment. You must remember that the tour-availability changes constantly.

All cabins are willing to share according with the gender of the passengers. If the passengers wants a single cabin, our Agent have to check the only availability first and it will have an additional surcharge.


All proposed itineraries will be subject to changes for operational reasons, National Park regulations or new adjustments of the government of Ecuador. Likewise, the rates granted by Galapagos My World will be subject to change in case of economic adjustments by our suppliers or the Ecuadorian Government policies.


The currency that will be used for any transaction, payment or deposit will be the American Dollars. The USD is the official currency in Ecuador and Galapagos. The rates issued by GMW will be quoted per person. GMW will receive deposits or payments via bank transfer from Ecuador or from overseas. The cost of the bank transfer must be covered on full-pay by our customers/passengers. Payments must be made completely in advance

In case of a cancellation-tour this will cause a penalty of 100%.

Galapagos My World will act as a representative agent on certain tours. Galapagos My World will not accept charges for accidents, damage, baggage losses and/or delays due to strikes, weather, acts of God, acts of governments or authorities, wars, criminal acts committed by third parties, hostilities, civil disturbances, riots, pilferage, defects of vehicles or breakdown in equipment, or to the fault or default of any company used for carrying out these tours.

The passenger must have his/her travel and luggage insurance to avoid setbacks during his/her stay in Ecuador. GMW will not be responsible for costs or inconveniences caused by this clause.


It is mandatory that each passenger acquires a travel insurance before arriving in the country.


Galapagos My World will not be responsible for any damage resulting directly or indirectly from delays, cancellations or changes on flights. In case it is necessary or convenient, for the comfort or welfare of the passengers, or for any reason, to alter the itinerary or the arrangements, said modifications can be made without penalty for the Tour Operator. Additional costs will be borne by the passenger. No refund can be made for the absence of parts of the tour. The tour operator also reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse or cancel any person at any time, without being obliged to mention a reason, therefore. In the case of exercising this right. The Tour Operator will have no responsibility with respect to that person at all. Airlines, railways and shipping companies that without part of the operation are not responsible for any act, omission or event during the time that passengers are not on board their aircraft and / or ships. The passenger contract in use by the companies involved, once issued, will constitute the only contract between the company and the purchase of these tours, and / or the passengers. GMW reserves the right to cancel any tour, for any reason, prior to departure and is not responsible for any damages resulting from such cancellation.

When you explore our web page and other online channels is important undertand your review and acceptance will be taken for granted.

Galapagos My World

South America Tour Operator

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