"Ecuadorians are strange and unique beings,
they sleep peacefully
amid smoking volcanoes,
they live in poverty
amid incomparable wealth
an they cheer up with sad music"


- Alexander Von Humbolt -

German naturalist and botanist

How is the climate in Ecuador Mainland and Galapagos Island?

Ecuador is straddling on the equatorial line. For this reason, there are two seasons, the dry and the rainy one. In general, the country has a spring climate almost all year round, although this varies depending on the region where it is located.

If you are on the highlands, the rains and low temperatures begin to appear in the months of October until April. The temperature varies according to the height, that is to say, the higher altitude the cooler temperature. The average temperature in cold days will be between 10 ° C (50°F) - 15 °C (65 °F). But, if you will visit the volcanoes the conditions will change drastically. From 4000m (13123 ft) the temperature in the cold days will be about 5 °C (41° F) during the day and at night it goes down to 0 °C (32°F)

In the Amazon basin, the climatic conditions are more changeful. Frequent rains occur from January to May. From June to August intense rains appear and from September to Decembar the rains are moderate. The average temperature is 22°C (72°F) and the humid is 80% - 90%.

On the coast, the beach days are in the hottest and most humid months, that is, between December and May. on these months are very common the floods on the lower parts. The following months are hot but fresh. The average temperature is 22°C (72°F)

and the average humidity is 70% to 90%.



What is the official currency in Ecuador?
Since 2000, Ecuador deals only with US dollars. The most denominations used are $ 5, $ 10 and $ 20. It is not very common to pay out with high denomination bills such as $ 50 and $ 100 since you could receive fake paper money.

How safe is Ecuador to visit?

Although, in recent years the assaults on passersby have increased, Ecuador in general is a safe country with friendly people. However, you must have more care in the big cities since. In small cities, it is safer and it is not necessary to walk with caution. If you decide to walk on your own it is better to do it with not too much money, don´t show flashy things like cell phones, cameras or jewelry especially in desolate places. But if you are going to visit tourist places, all your valuable objects can be carried in an small carry on bag. Those places are watched over by police officers. All these advises are given you just in case you want to visit the tourist attractions on your own. If you go scorted by your guide or tour leader, he/she will take care about you to avoid drawbacks.

Natural phenomena in Ecuador Mainland and Galapagos Islands

Ecuador is located in the "Ring of Fire", for this reason, every single month, we feel earthquakes of different magnitudes. For Ecuadoreans is everyday, for this reason the government has early information system, if necessary it will send us an alert to evacuate risk areas and take safety precautions.

How is the transportation system in Ecuador?

Many transportation system are available in Ecuador. The public one are not safe in the cities, specially on rush hour. The inter-provincial buses offer a better service, however is suggested use this ground transportation during the day. The best way to travel city to city is by flight. There are daily flights to go from Quito to Guayaquil, Cuenca, Coca and Loja city.

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