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                   basic style in 4 days

Look deep into nature and explore the fascinating Galapagos Islands. The Islands of volcanic origin were formed out more than 5 million years ago and still preserve valuable treasures. Galapagos was created as one of the first National Parks in 1959. Also, known as the Enchanted Islands is one of the natural wonder of the world due to flora and fauna it possesses. Its marine reserve borders the 133.000,00-square kilometers. In consequence, it is considered one of the mega bio-diverse site in the world and fragile at the same time.





         (Private activity)


Upon arrival to Baltra Island, our naturalist certified guide will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall and take you to your first visit on Santa Cruz Island.


You will be transferred from Seymour airport by 10 minute ride by bus and a 5 minute ride by ferry to the northside of Santa Cruz where will take our transportation for the first visit. 


Charles Darwin Station is a reserve and conservation centre, where you can observe giant and the babies tortoises in captivity and learn about the breeding program of this majestic animal. The Station reflects the effort of many scientists to keep alive one of the most emblematic species of the islands such as the Galapagos tortoises.

At dusk, explore the small town of Puerto Ayora where people walk through its narrow streets and welcome you with their smile.

               2-star hotel                                          None


DAY 2:


       SANTA CRUZ ISLAND - BAY TOUR (Shared activity) 



This morning you have the chance to explore different areas around the Santa Cruz bay, such as The Cracks a tight canyon filled with crystal clear water, Dog´s Beach, Love Channel. Good time to do snorkeling.

In the afternoon visit Tortuga Bay beach by yourself. Tortuga bay beach is 45-minute walk on a 2.5 km-path cobblestones that leads you to fine a white sandy beach common in the archipelago. An endemic forest of the tall Opuntia Cactus and volcanic rock surrounds the path making the view from the trek beautiful and mysterious.


Throughout your walk, spot finches, yellow warblers, mockingbirds, and lava lizards. Once there, it is an excellent place for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking or surfing.


Marine iguanas, sharks, sea birds and sea turtles can be watched as well.


Overnight at Pelikan Bay or similar, 2-star hotel

Meal: Breakfast



DAY 3:

        DAILY TOUR TO PINZON ISLAND (Shared activity)


Pinzon Island is the perfect place for snorkeling lovers. The calm crystalline waters attract both amateur and professional snorkelers. Penguin Bay, at Pinzon Island has a calm, clear, shallow water protected cove at the eastern side of the island. Its location at the center of the main island chain makes it a place rich in marine fauna. Here it is common to have encounters with congregations of green sea turtles, large tropical and sub-tropical reef fish, reef sharks and rays. The calm sea allows a very relaxing snorkel, permitting swimmers of all ages and abilities to enjoy the experience without worrying.


Dumb Islet, at Pinzon’s North Shore, has a deep steep wall, perfect for free diving. These waters are home to mantas and a large variety of pelagic fish. On occasions, large groups of Bottle Nose Dolphins swim by the area. With a little luck and effort one can spot the famous resting Galapagos Red Lipped Bat Fish, resting on the ocean floor. Fishing will occur on the way to Pinzon, at Nameless Rock or Pinzon Drop Off.


Overnight at Pelikan Bay or similar, 2-star hotel

Meals: Breakfast & Box Lunch

DAY 4: 



This morning you will transferred back to Baltra airport where you catch up your plane back to Ecuador mainland.


Galapagos Best Tour is a combination of private and shared activities. During the shared activities, you will meet other passengers from different nationalities, our guide will provide information in at least two languages.

The land prigram is a very popular with high sell-demanding. For this reason, is important check-out the availability prior your booking.


Itineraries may change due to weather conditions, operational or logistical matters, meaning the number of excursions or specific locations are not guaranteed.

Please advise 15 days prior to the tour your arrival and departure flight details from Ecuador in order to organize your pickup.



  • Flight ticket from Ecuador mainland to Galapagos Island round trip.  

  • Airport transfer service in – out in Galapagos

  • 3-night accommodation at 2-star hotel

  • An English-speaking Certified Naturalist Guide (during activities describe)

  • Activities according to the program

  • Snorkeling equipment, 3 breakfast, 1 lunch


  • Galapagos entrance fee $100 pp     Once you arrive in Galapagos airport you have to pay put this entry

  • Transit control card $20 pp               Get this card in Galapagos migration either in Quito or Guayaquil

  • Local transport $5 pp

  • Travel insurance

  • Tipping

  • Wet suits

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