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 Galapagos land tour in 4 days   (Customized style)

  • Visit Charles Darwin Station and learn about archipelago´s unique ecology and history.

  • Swim and dive in a crevice by rocks or uninhabited islands with exotic animals.

Upon arrival to Baltra airport, you can visit the cientific center building to homage the famous cientific from England who arrive into Galapagos Islans in 1835.  




Dive in "Las Grietas" a tight canyon filled with crystal water, good time to do snorkeling and  spend a time in Tortuga Bay beach by yourself. 

Day 1

Santa Cruz Island - Charles Darwin Station (Private activity)

Day 2

Bay tour (shared activity) - Las Grietas (The cracks) - Tortuga Bay 

Day 3

Day 4

Pinzon Island is the perfect place for snorkeling lovers. The calm crystalline waters attract both amateur and professional snorkelers. Dumb Islet, at Pinzon’s North Shore, has a deep steep wall, perfect for free diving. These waters are home to mantas and a large variety of pelagic fish.

This morning you will transferred back to Baltra airport where you catch up your plane back to Ecuador mainland.



Day trip to Pinzon Island (shared activity)

Departure day

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