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Cuyabeno Tour in 4 days (experiential style)

  • The flooded rain forest mysterious place that captures your senses.

Day 1

Cuyabeno river area

The entry point will be the black water Cuyabeno river in the direction of the Eco-Lodge. The humidity that we will feel in the environment will welcome you. The canoe ride will give you the opportunity to admire the first birds and primates. Strange sounds and intimidating animals will start your experience in the Amazon.

Day 2

Hiking in the primary forest

A long walk through primary forest will help us to know in depth the secrets of the jungle. Giant trees will cross our path. Your spirit will call beautiful dolphins to be admired them. At night the river will let us see another of its guests.

Day 3

Visit a family from the Tarapuy community

Day 4

Birdwatching excursion

You will share some time with a native family whose lineage descends from ancient civilizations. Who will offer you an indigenous drink that you yourself will help prepare. The night also offers us the opportunity to admire small living beings that use the darkness to contribute with their work to care the cycle of nature.

Bird watching excursion will be an optional activity. Although, all this will depend on the weather we have this day. After this, we will be ready to finish our experience in the Mother Jungle.

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