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4-day Amazon Jungle & Baños city

  • Disconnect from the planet in the amazon jungle.  

Day 1

Quito - Papallacta Pass - Tena city

Departure from Quito, to continue through the eastern Andes at 4,100 meters high. Admire the amazon jungle from the Macaws viewpoint. Spend the night by the jungle river. 

Day 3

Day 2

Jungle walk and Indigenous community

Walk through the tropical jungle to see the giants of the amazon. Listen to about the Huaoranies (jungle protector warriors). Share with an indigenous family. 

Day 4

Parrot clay lick and Baños city

Devil´s Cauldron and Bride´s Mantle 

Observe the parrot clay lick. Drive to city of Baños and enjoy the swing of the end of the world.

Observe the Pastaza river canyon. Get in the Bride´s Mantle cable car. Get surprised to see the famous Devil´s Cauldron.

Birding .- The species that it is possible to observe are: Dusky-headed parakeet, blue-headed parrot, Snowy egret, Common Kingfisher, Speckled Chachalaca, Gray-fronted dove, Zigzag heron, Black-fronted nunbird, Russet-backed Oropendolas, Hoatzin (prehistoric bird) among others.

Wildlife .- The species that it is possible to observe are: spider monkey (on endengerd of extinction), chorongo monkeys (sometimes near by lodge), gecos (Hemidactylus mabouia), conga ants, morpho butterfly, termite nest among others.


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