Amazon Rainforest - Classic Style

4 day / 3 night


Grand Queen Beatriz - Luxury Class

Standard Main Deck Cabins - Cruise + Airline ticket - $4575 pp

Cross over the Andean rugged mountains and deep into the dense vegetation of the Amazon Rainforest. This place is just 4-hour drive away from the city or the International Airport of Quito. Start the descent from a height of 10663 feet for getting to 1663 feet above sea level. Visit and walk inside a private hummingbird reserve where you can photograph and learn more about these super-natural birds. Sail on a calm river and observe great diversity of flora and fauna before to arrive in the Eco-Lodge. Sleep and rest in the middle of the sound of the nocturnal animals of the jungle.


Day 1:




On the first part of the journey, we will head out to the eastern mountain range. The pick-up can be from the hotel or the International Airport of Quito city. As the valley passes, the scenery will change with elevations that are part of the Andean Paramo. After an hour and more of drive, we get in the village of Papallacta that in local language means "Potatoe farm". 15 minutes away from this village, we get into the best lodge in the area called "Termas Papallacta". Upon arrival, we will prepare our backpack to start a small walk along the paths, where plants, rivers, streams, animals and a mountain formation will be observed. Then, it is time to plunge into the pool, this is a moment to relax in the hot springs and after a break continue the descent to the Amazon. By traveling in the middle of the dense cloud forest and turbulent rivers, the history and culture of these village will make us go back in time.




Day 2:



After a tasty Breakfast, we depart for a long walk through the primary and secondary forest. This activity lasts about three hours, it depends how active you are in the hiking. At the end of the activity, we will have the lunch.

In the afternoon, it is time to enjoy a cultural activity. An Amazonian Kichwa community will receive us and we will learn about their way of life and the interaction they have with the forest. In this meeting, that part of the Amazon that is not found on the maps. the Amazonian peoples in their daily lives. Part of our visit to the community is to share the famous "chicha", a fermented cassava drink that has become part of their parties and daily consumption. We will participate in the preparation of this drink and try some of the traditional dishes. We will end the visit with a traditional dance performed by the children of the community and we will also have time to buy some handicrafts made by the natives of the area. This small business is very helpful to support the daily life of the indigenous peoples of the area. Dinner and rest at the Eco-Lodge.

Day 3:



After breakfast, we take the canoe for about 40-minute sail to visit the "Anaconda Island". We can observe the prehistoric bird "Hoatzin", woolly monkeys, squirrel monkeys, just to mention a few. We also visited a family in one of the indigenous communities to learn about their cultivation habits, medicinal plants, as well as the ancestral form of hunting with blowguns and handmade traps in the forest. A delicious box lunch will be provided on this trip.

After lunch, we will go to the Amazonico Park which is protecting a wide range of animals that are on endangered. Amazonico is not a zoo, it is a rescue center for animals that are living in the amazon rain forest. We can observe some animals in their natural environment at close range. After this, we will return to the Eco-Lodge to enjoy the hotel facilities.

Day 4:



Early departure to visit Parrot Clay Lick. The activity performance depends on weather conditions. After 15-minute canoe ride upstream, we arrive in the Parrot Clay Lick to admire a unique place where parrots and parakeets gather in order to obtain the minerals that will help them digest the fruits or seeds that have consumed. Hundreds of parrots and parakeets will approach the canopy and then go down to the clay wall to eat this mineral-rich land. It is essential to have some binoculars to enjoy this magnificent natural act. We return to have the breakfast and we take our luggage to return to the pier and from there to Quito. The drop-off will be at a hotel in the city or at the airport in Quito. 

Humberto Salvador S4-51 & Mora

Quito, Ecuador, South America


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