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Amazon Rainforest trip - 4 day / 3 night

  • Cross over the Andes and deep into the dense vegetation of the Amazon Rainforest.

We head out to the eastern Andes. Get in the village of Papallacta that in local language means "Potatoe farm" to enjoy the hot springs. Descent to the Amazon jungle and disconnect from the earth. 

Day 1:

Quito - Papallacta hot springs - Archidona town - Tena city - Eco lodge by the Arajuno river.

Day 2:

Primary and secondary Amazon Rainforest - Kichwa Community

Enjoy a forest walk into the incredible vegetation to learn the secrets of the jungle. unch. Take part of a cultural activity in the  Amazonian Kichwa community. Help them in prepering the traditional chicha and taste some food made in our presence. 

Day 3:

Anaconda Island - Amazoonico Park

Observe the prehistoric bird "Hoatzin", woolly monkeys, squirrel monkeys, just to mention a few. Learn about their cultivation habits, medicinal plants, as well as the ancestral form of hunting with blowguns and handmade traps in the forest. fter lunch, we will go to the Amazonico Park which is protecting a wide range of animals that are on endangered. Explore the Amazonico rescue center. 

Day 4:

Parrot clay lick  - Return to Quito city

Visit the Parrot Clay Lick. The activity performance depends on weather conditions. Hundreds of parrots and parakeets will approach the canopy and then go down to the clay wall to eat this mineral-rich land. Enjoy this magnificent natural act. 

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