10 reasons to visit Ecuador


1. Ecuador the country of the 4 worlds

Ecuador Mainland is excessively diverse due to its variety regions, eco-systems, micro-climates, culture and ethnicity. The most incredible landscapes are in the Avenue of the Volcanoes. All these regions are close to each other, allowing them to be visited in few days. All of the hiking trips are carried out in this section fo the country.

2. Ecuador's climate

Due to its geographical position Ecuador is known as the country of eternal spring. Many of the cities do not have extreme climates which makes it possible to visit them.

3. Road system in Ecuador

Ecuador has the most modern highway system in South America, this allows travel safety to be guaranteed, with good road signs along the  highways, inmediate assistance sites and above all time saving from one city to another.

4. The ecuadorean Amazon Rainforest

Despite of Ecuador lost a big extension of land in the Republican Period counts with many territories to be explored yet.

5. Quito is the highest official capital in the world.

The city of Quito was declared as the first heritage city for the humanity in 1978.

6. The Middle of the World.

The Middle of the Word is without doubt like the most visit atraction in the Ecuador Mainland.

7. The Devil´s Nose Train

It is one of the most picturesque train rides in Ecuador. 

8. Ingapirka the largest Inca ruins in Ecuador

Ingapirca is a kichwa term that means the wall of the Inca. Here inhabited two important cultures; The Cañaris 900 years BC and the Incas from 1470 to 1532. Observe the Sun Temple and fill up yourself of ancestral energy meanwhile walking on millennials trails.

9. The Avenue of the Volcanoes.

The magical Andes is formed out with many volcanoes, some of them are active despite of this to the locals don't seem to worry.

10. Cuenca city another UNESCO site in Ecuador.

Quito y Cuenca city were declared a world heritage cities by the Unesco. Both cities are located in the highlands and possess tangible and intangible assets of incalculable value

Humberto Salvador S4-51 & Mora

Quito, Ecuador, South America



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